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This ad could be perceived by some as an affirmation of dominant white ideology that sees African Americans as inferior (Bristor, Lee, & Hunt, 1995).

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Here is how to effectively craft a successful advertising critique essay that will captivate your reader.

As stated above, your essay cannot begin without a thesis.

The ad was accused of racism and Intel was forced to apologize (Richards, 2007).

It’s unbelievable that a major corporation like Intel failed to anticipate the potential criticism the ad might have generated.

Therefore, you must ensure it is as captivating as possible.

Additionally, you should make it concise, well detailed and assert your main argument.This ad serves its purpose well, thus, the overall message should be left unchanged.But there are certain elements in the ad that could be changed.The companies should not only focus on the needs of their market segments but also be mindful of the values held by the targeted segments when planning marketing campaigns.The customers are more sensitive to the social aspects of advertising campaigns and do not want to be linked with the culturally insensitive brands.A statement carrying the point you intend on expressing or your main argument is a thesis statement.Therefore, when composing your thesis, ensure it is well detailed to communicate your main argument or point and make it concise.This is a clever strategy by Intel to give the impression that it is faster than the competition and still avoid coming across as misleading due to a footnote which most people will not notice.In short, Intel is emphasizing greater speed as the differentiating characteristic of its new processor chip. It depicts a manager in an office setting with his subordinates shown as professional sprinters whose work efficiency will greatly improve by using Intel’s latest product.Advertising has and continues to contribute significantly to contemporary society.Advertisements interrupt radio and television programs, deface or decorate the sides of buildings, and at times, advertisements appear to be the internet’s primary function.


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