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Times when a service member should salute include; to uncased National colors outdoors, at reveille and retreat ceremonies, and when turning over control of formations. This courtesy is also to be practiced between NCO’s.

The officer’s equivalent to this is the position of attention, and it is to be practiced by all service members lower than the addressing officer’s rank. There are courtesies listed in FM 7-21.13 that we don’t actually use that often, or have been washed down.

When entering or exiting a vehicle the higher ranking member is required to be the last to enter and the first to exit. A tradition is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact being passed on this way.

The army is full of traditions and they are what build the pride with in every soldier.

For example, when an officer enters a room the first service member to notice is supposed to call the room to attention.

This courtesy seems to only be held to the commander of a troop or unit and not to any other officers i.e. The same is expected with all NCO’s with the room being called to the position of at ease, it seems that this courtesy has been left only to the Command Sergeant Major of a unit.

For military courtesy, mutual respect is a vital part.

It is exampled in FM 7-21.13 chapter 4 that a PFC passing an officer outside had full hands and could not render a salute at the time, but greeted him still with the greeting of the day.

Even earlier the cavalry soldiers’ main purpose was to be a unit that could move quickly across the battle field.

The Stetson and spurs were a common part of the cavalry soldiers’ uniform, and though we don’t ride horses into battle or even wear spurs and Stetsons while engaging the enemy we do hold to the tradition of wearing these items on or with our dress uniforms.


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