Anorexia And Media Influence Essay

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Psychiatrist say that when achild is abused they tend to lock away their emotions and the event in the back of theirhead.

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What does lie within our reach, however, is the influence of others of like mind in their circle of acquaintance.

I do not mean by persuading or preaching – I am thinking, rather, of the well-known fact that anyone who has insight into his own actions and has thus found access to the unconscious, involuntarily exercises an influence on his environment.

They start to feel down, andnegative about themselves. Psychological Depression: The main cause of Psychological Depression, is loss.

Children and even adults continually attach themselves to people and things, and whenthey loss their the object of their attachment, they feel empty and lost. Another cause is the molestation or abuse of a child.

Genetic Depression: A recent study showed the embryo's brain is in fact highly developed, and that at six andseven months, the embryo is already learning to hear, see, and feel. Verny, co-authorof "The Secret life of the Unborn Child", believes that mother to child bonding actuallybegins in the womb. Verny has a theory that the embryo can in fact have emotionalproblems, that come from the mother. Since depression is a chemical off-balance in the head, the hormones that are in theblood stream are effected too.

The imbalance hormones, travel to the baby through theblood, and thus the baby receives the hormones.

Conversely, graduate career women are more likely to feel guilty about eating than any other target group.

This finding reflects the conflicting pressures on women of today which are reflected in the media. There is a larger dynamic behind cultural trends, which drive behaviours, values and attitudes.

In biblical times, depression was there, being noted severaltimes in the Old Testament as "manic-depression." Hippocrates, a Greek physician, wasthe first man to write a medical description of the disease.

He called it "melancholia",which means "a mental disorder". Professor Myrna Weissman, fromthe University of Yale, has proven that if the parent's are depressed the child has a fiftypercent chance of being depressed too.


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