Antithesis From Romeo And Juliet

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One could argue that the love affair is too short in that play to be tested for its durability but that would be piddling.

It must be granted also that Romeo and Juliet are fiercely loyal and honest with one another.

However wonderful and admirable this is in real life, in the theater, this lack of dramatic possibilities is an unmitigated disaster unless, of course, the playwright takes underhanded measures to hide the dramatic inadequacy of ‘true love.’ , all dramatic effects are imported from outside the love affair. This is the reason why, from the first to the last line, the mutual hatred of the Montagues and the Capulets plays an enormous role in this play.

Shakespeare must constantly return to it in order to spice up his inevitably undramatic love affair.

Previous | Next | Return to Intro Intertwined with syntax, rhetoric exerts another powerful influence on Elizabethan writing.

Rhetoric in its original sense means "the art or study of using language effectively and persuasively." While I won't be getting into some of the more obscure terms (is there anyone who isn't frightened by a mouthful of syllables like "paraprosdokian"?

The more they exalt true love in theory, the less they abide by it in practice.

This fairy tale is the ballet of mimetic disharmony, so harmonious in its symmetries that this miraculous masterpiece is most often mistaken for a triumph of pure form over content, not quite worthy of its creator’s genius.

‘True love’ is the Elizabethan equivalent of what we call a great passion, an authentic passion, l’If this ‘true love’ were as independent as it claims, the two lovers would be satisfied with each other’s company and never become entangled with anyone else.

In the comedies of Shakespeare, the opposite happens. This is what Lysander explains to his beloved Hermia at the beginning of is at one level the celebration of that myth and, at a deeper level, its humorous deconstruction. Their unseemly entanglements during the long and hot midsummer night are blamed on the most charming and preposterous excuse imaginable.


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