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The cell cycle is divided into four distinct phases: G1, S, G2, and M.

The G phase – which is the cell growth phase – makes up approximately 95% of the cycle.

hook together RNA nucleotides (only add to 3’ end) ! TATA Box – Where RNA polymerase H binds (eukaryotes) !

RNA Polymerase – Binds to promoters, separates strands of DNA and ! Transcription Factors – Aid polymerase in locating promoters !

Therefore, in order for these molecules to participate in reactions, within the cell, they need to be able to cross this membrane layer to get into the cell.

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They accomplish this process of gaining access to the cell via: osmotic pressure, diffusion, concentration gradients, and membrane channels.

Approximately 75-85% of the cell's volume is due to water making it an indispensable solvent as a result of its polarity and structure.

These molecules within the cell, which operate as substrates, provide a suitable environment for the cell to carry out metabolic reactions and signalling.

Inside of the cell are extensive internal sub-cellular membrane-bounded compartments called organelles.

Cells contain specialized sub-cellular compartments including cell membrane, cytoplasm, mitochondria, and ribosomes. The growth process of the cell does not refer to the size of the cell, but the density of the number of cells present in the organism at a given time.


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