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Religion and government Martin Marty noted that religion is not confined to formal institutions, but is "increasingly diffused throughout the culture" (11).The problem for courts and public institutions, then, becomes how broadly is religion to be defined and "where does religion stop? The Court has also recognized that religion is such an integral part of society that it cannot be totally removed from state functions. Kurtzman the "Lemon test" was created as a means of clarifying the issue.

Religion and government Martin Marty noted that religion is not confined to formal institutions, but is "increasingly diffused throughout the culture" (11).

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However, as the schools grew, they became decidedly Christian and Protestant.

Until the 19 Supreme Court decisions, morning worship typically began with teacher or student-led prayer and Bible reading.

The latter, however, implies that some confusion is unavoidable and acceptable.

The questions for society and state-supported schools are: what kind and how much?

This paper argues for having prayer in public schools as based on the number of social and moral factors.

The discussion is centered on the subject of not promoting any particular religion in schools, but endorsing the readings of bible and introducing prayer in all public educational institutions throughout the country.

The Justices established three criteria to evaluate the legality of an activity in such places as public schools: • it must be secular in nature • it must neither advance nor prohibit religion • there must be no "excessive entanglement" of government and religion In the Engel v.

Vitale case, the Supreme Court found unconstitutional the New York Regents "nondenominational" prayer that was recommended to be said each morning in every public school in the state. Schempp, Bible reading as a morning exercise was also ruled a violation of the First Amendment's clause forbidding the establishment of a religion.

6:7), and the Bible may be studied academically in public schools.

The Supreme Court ruled only that government-sponsored prayer and Bible-reading as religious exercises were a violation of the neutrality clause of the First Amendment.


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