Army Values Essay Honor

Army Values Essay Honor-1
The basic values are taught in training and reinforced all through their varying training drills as well as through a soldier’s military career.

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This is because when that person completes the task, it equally means that you have completed yours.

Therefore, respect in the army ensures that the jobs of both the seniors and the subordinates are done.

Disrespect is observed when the seniors in the Army (such as the NCOs) fail to do what they were tasked to do and force other (subordinate) officers to micromanage tasks.

This is where seniors loose the trust of the subordinates.

To simplify the vales, they are regarded using the acronym LDRSHIP which represents the values as; Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless, Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Change (Army Refocuses on Seven Core Value 4).

Being an army officer is a job that one as a soldier must uphold with diligent by both men and women in the army.

Another reason why respect in the military is important is that it would ensure that the juniors (subordinates) are informed about the missions and its activities.

This would empower them with responsibilities and show them that they are equally important to the team.

According to me, integrity is of considerable importance to the success of an army officer as well as the entire army troop.

Doing what is right, even when no one is keeping watch is what is known as Integrity. According to Tarcza (77), integrity is regarded as the aspect of an individual being honest as well as having strong moral principles.


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