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He was the leader of a group of French artists called the Impressionists, which included such painters as Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Camille Pissarro.

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Impressionism was based on light and the subject that was being painted or drawn.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art There is much quality material for art students, educators, and enthusiasts at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art web site.

Start with the Metropolitan Museum of Art Timeline of Art History, a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art from around the world.

Each timeline page includes representative art from the Museum’s collection, a chart of time periods, a map of the region, an overview, and a list of key events.

It, no doubt, encouraged his ambitions as a landscape painter. Impressionism was born out of realism, a movement which had already shocked the critics and public with it's subjects and techniques. Impressionism painting arose out of a dissatisfaction with the ve... He lived with his mother, Louise Monet, his father, Adolphe Monet, his older brother and his aunt, Madame Lecadre.

In the Salon, controlled by the Academy, landscape had its own place. One of the styles that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was Impressionism.

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Monet was one of the most outstanding figures in the impressionism movement.

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