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There are tough guy monologues and bursts of violence that feel like self-parody and perhaps they are. Either way Rodriguez certainly plays it straight, completely removed from the sequences with Shalhoub and Weaver winking their way through the absurdity.But there are also scenes that seem to get laughs that were never intended. When playing a man she looks right bug sounds so far off the mark it’s hard to take seriously.When she’s in down n’ dirty revenge mode, she cuts an imposing presence and does the noir anti-hero thing rather well.

Yep, that’s really the premise of the movie and one that treats transgender politics as tastelessly as it sounds.

The concept of gender reassignment surgery being used as a form of punishment is problematic at best.

After all, he is suggesting that someone’s gender is defined by their interior more than their exterior; he just took a deliberately exploitative path to get there.

As much as this movie is defined by the stripped down exploitation charms of the revenge genre, Hill also complicates the telling through varying perspectives and flashbacks.

It’s tough to say if Hill did it all deliberately, yet it’s also equally tough to be bored by the results whether you like them or not.

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Michelle Rodriguez stars as the amusingly and absurdly named Frank Kitchen, an assassin for hire with no conscience and little regard for life beyond its momentary pleasures.Rodriguez indeed plays a man initially, with full body prosthetics and a beard. Kitchen’s soon set up for a job that doesn’t exist and kidnapped. Rachel Kay (Weaver), a psychotic plastic surgeon who involuntarily turns Frank Kitchen into a women (yep, for realzies).There’s only one response to something like that: revenge, ideally flavored by bullets n’ bloodshed.The script was protested before production and if/when the film is commercially released, that’ll happen again.Yet, Walter Hill is also indulging in a little “cake and eat it too” nose-thumbing antics here.Seeking vengeance, Frank heads for a showdown with the person (Sigourney Weaver) who transformed him, a brilliant surgeon with a chilling agenda of her own.stars Michelle Rodriguez as Frank Kitchen, an ace hitman who sets out a revenge spree after he is captured by a sadistic, amoral surgeon (Sigourney Weaver) and subject to a forced gender reassignment surgery. As you might expect, it’s already taken some heat from trans advocacy groups for casting a cisgender woman in the lead role in addition to the obvious indelicateness of the plot. I’m always conflicted when it comes to overtly provocative garbage like this.The red flags are raised from the start as Sigourney Weaver, suggesting a wax museum Hannibal Lecter, is introduced in a straitjacket playing a calculating, Shakespeare-quoting mental ward patient and disgraced reconstructive surgeon who exacted a decidedly unorthodox retribution on the guy responsible for taking a hit out on her brother.That would be the snarling Frank Kitchen (Michelle Rodriguez, initially outfitted with unconvincing facial hair and prosthetics), who regains consciousness in a sleazy motel room to make the shocking discovery that he’s no longer a he.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.There’s howlingly awful and then there’s “The Assignment,” a thoroughly ridiculous, numbingly slow neo-noir thriller about a low-life hit man forcibly given gender reassignment surgery by a vengeful doctor.


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