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He started down the road to recovery, though the remainder of his life would be plagued by seemingly psychosomatic troubles (serious eye strain, mysterious back pains, digestive problems, and periods of exhaustion, as well as chronic mood swings, including times of brooding depression).Unfortunately, he still lacked a constructive career goal.His dread over the sense of life’s absolute insecurity pushed him to become a virtual invalid in his parents’ home. By the spring of 1870, when James was twenty-eight years old, he experienced a critical moment while reading a treatment of human freedom by the French neo-Kantian Charles Renouvier.

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The next year, he became an instructor of anatomy and physiology.

By the mid-eighteen-seventies, he was teaching psychology there, using the physiological approach he had learned in Germany and establishing the first psychology laboratory in America.

His contributions in these areas included critiques of long-standing philosophical positions on such issues as freedom vs. Thus he created one of the last great philosophical systems in Western thought, even if he did not live quite long enough to complete every aspect of it.

The combination of his provocative ideas and his engaging writing style has contributed to the enduring impact of his work.

He failed to find a cure for his curious back pains, but returned to Harvard, passed his medical exams, and received his medical degree in 1869.

Nevertheless, he did not plan to practice medicine and seemed lost as to what to do with the rest of his life.

The family frequently moved between America and Europe, the father having inherited an amount of money sufficient to allow him to enjoy the life of an intellectual.

While growing up, William had a passion for drawing.

In 1872, one of James’s former chemistry professors, now Harvard’s President, offered him a job teaching physiology.

He accepted and began his career of more than a third of a century as a faculty member there.


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