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However, the first mass-market, pocket-sized, paperback book printed in the US was an edition of Pearl Buck's The Good Earth, produced by Pocket Books as a proof-of-concept in late 1938, and sold in New York City.Through the circulation of the paperback in kiosks and bookstores, scientific and intellectual knowledge was able to reach the masses.

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This accessibility posed a threat to the wealthy by imposing that it would be turned upside down, as the masses were now able to access almost all of the knowledge the wealthy previously had access to.

Treating the paperback as any other book drastically weakened the distinction between high and low culture.

De Graaf, like Lane, negotiated paperback rights from other publishers, and produced many runs.

His practices contrasted with those of Lane by his adoption of illustrated covers aimed at the North American market.

Cheaper, lower quality paper; glued (rather than stapled or sewn) bindings; and the lack of a hard cover may contribute to the lower cost of paperbacks.

Paperbacks can be the preferred medium when a book is not expected to be a major seller or where the publisher wishes to release a book without putting forth a large investment.

A paperback, also known as a softcover or softback, is a type of book characterized by a thick paper or paperboard cover, and often held together with glue rather than stitches or staples. S., there are "mass-market paperbacks" and larger, more durable "trade paperbacks". K., there are A-format, B-format, and the largest C-format sizes.

In contrast, hardcover or hardback books are bound with cardboard covered with cloth. Inexpensive books bound in paper have existed since at least the 19th century in such forms as pamphlets, yellowbacks, dime novels, and airport novels. Paperback editions of books are issued when a publisher decides to release a book in a low-cost format.

Examples include many novels, and newer editions or reprintings of older books.

Since paperbacks tend to have a smaller profit margin, many publishers try to balance the profit to be made by selling fewer hardcovers against the potential profit to be made by selling more paperbacks with a smaller profit per unit.


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