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The exam board fee varies a bit per subject, but roughly £20-£25 per module, or more like £15 in six-module subjects like Maths.

Those are the actual costs; some schools just charge that and some add an enormous markup. Also, some centres charge a registration fee of up to £100, before you get the chance to pay to take exams. As far as I can see, both AQA specifications, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC specifications all have 4 exams which suggests they have no coursework (though I haven't bothered to read the specs). As far as I can see, both AQA specifications, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC specifications all have 4 exams which suggests they have no coursework (though I haven't bothered to read the specs).

If you get away with £25 or less for a 6 unit GCE or £30 or less for a 4 unit GCE you have a bargain. I did AQA spec B, which had coursework, both at AS and A level.

They aren't normally available in this country, but Pembrokeshire College does them as distance learning courses (and unlike most distance learning schemes, they provide exam sittings at cost if you need them).

Not sure how much use that will be in terms of uni admissions, when all other applicants will have lab experience, but check it out here: heroes.

Hope this helps someone Davey You've not mentioned ICT or Computing.

I imagine ICT is not possible as it is mostly coursework, but AS Computing with OCR is probably feasible (AQA says it will not accept private candidates for Computing).

Your taking exams with a school makes no difference to their league table position; if they say this they either don't know what they are talking about or are just using it as a handy excuse. When I checked the OCR site, Latin and Greek seemed to have been folded into the Classics A-Level as route options.

If it's still possible to sit a named A-Level in them, I do apologise.

However, you can add Latin and Greek to this list as subjects offered by OCR which are 100% assessed by exam.

While relatively more private schools take private candidates they also tend to charge significantly more, so if you can find a state school it is likely to be cheaper.


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