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Another night, the plaster from Henry's attic wall starts coming off, revealing two master lock dials to a hundred little locked cupboards.When they are home alone, Henry and Henrietta discover a key in one of the cupboards they have managed to open, which unlocks the door into Grandfather's bedroom.60; December 1, 2007, Cindy Dobrez, review of 100 Cupboards, p. Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, July-August, 2007, Elizabeth Bush, review of Leepike Ridge, p.

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But Frank is too late when a Witch and her cat emerge from the Endor (8th cupboard) cupboard and stab Frank.

The witch is Nimiane, and she has been strengthened by Henry's blood.

When Henry and his cousin Henrietta open the one hundredth cupboard, they unlock a portal to alternate worlds from which evildoers may come to threaten them.

Hobbies and other interests: Home repairs, playing with his children. These cupboards open upon alternate worlds, some of them benign and others dangerous.

This creature, called a raggant, was the one banging against his cupboard, causing it to break through the plaster at the beginning of the book.

Uncle Frank tells Henry that he came from one of the cupboards as a child, and the raggant has been sent by someone to find him.

They witness a group of people with wolves called "Witch-Dogs" kill a party, but they escape.

Meanwhile, Uncle Frank attempts to find the two of them while Aunt Dotty tells Penelope and Anastasia that Frank came through the cupboards long ago, and it was their great-grandfather who invented the cupboards and made them work.

"This is truly one of the most outstanding works of fiction our company has ever had the pleasure to read, Wilson is an incredible writer with an imagination that knows no bounds.

Born February 7, 1978; married; children: four children. "Fans of dark fantasy will be intrigued by the unknown realities awaiting these unsuspecting people," noted Robyn Gioia in her review of Wilson's novel for School Library Journal.


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