Book Report Poem By Carol Diggory Shields

Book Report Poem By Carol Diggory Shields-30
Twenty-two poems present a mostly lighthearted look at the trials and tribulations of elementary school.Young readers will certainly empathize with the children who create a diabolical science project to make a little brother disappear, feel terrified of giving an oral report, get an attack of giggles, or worst of all, are afraid to ask to go to the bathroom.

A frisky col Here are twenty-four hilarious poems about school, where all kinds of unexpected things happen.

From an unusual pledge of allegiance and jungle gym gossip to recess rules and the rules of addition, Carol Diggory Shields captures the experiences of schoolgoers with wit and verve. I chose this book because it was one of my favorites growing up.

Here is a follow-up to the ever-popular Lunch Money, with all the clever exuberance and child's-eye view that made the first book an IRA-CBC Children's Choice and reviewers say, "This collection . I would likely choose pertinent poems at different times of the year, or allow students to choose one to work on with a ...

This collection of school-related poems could be used in a variety of settings.

This rollicking collection is sure to keep readers laughing until summer vacation. Re-reading the book, I realized how funny the poems are.

The book is a series of poems about school that each have a funny twist.The poems' appeal relies on irreverent topics, robust action, sing-song rhythms, and rhyming couplets.The bright, expressive cartoonstyle illustrations highlight the rollicking nature of most of the selections. '' has art, spelling, and calculator skills thanks to her computer, but realizes, ``...The word-counting antics of the struggling boy in ``Book Report'' leave a poignant message.This rollicking collection is sure to keep readers laughing until summer vacation.Her other novels and short-story collections include The Republic of Love, Happenstance, Swann, The Orange Fish, Various Miracles, The Box Garden, and Small Ceremonies (all available from Penguin).Gr 2-4-A frisky collection of 24 childlike perceptions of the zanier happenings during a school day."Pledge" is about children interrupting the Pledge of Allegianc1. This book is appropriate for second or third grade.3. "Eight-oh-three" is about having to rush to get out of the house on time in the morning to catch the bus that goes so slow."Decisions" is about deciding whether or not to bring a bagged lunch or to pay for school lunch.Re-reading the book, I realized how funny the poems are.The poems about school are fun to read and the pictures paired with the poems are interesting to look at because there are many fine details in each picture that relate to the poem. This would be a good way to introduce poetry to the class by reading them these poems in this book because it's something they can relate to and something they do every day!


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