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Executive Summary The Coffee Project will be a specialty coffee shop in downtown Bartlesville, OK offering direct-trade coffee, tea, simple meals, and TCP merchandise.

The shop will offer the standard specialty coffee drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and cortados, as well as shots of flavors and a selection of milk alternatives.

A business plan is used to describe a number of documents or forms that details a business’s future goals, as well as the steps involved in getting them there along with an estimation of how long it should take for them to be successful.

In this case, we will specifically be looking at coffee shops and the processes needed to build a successful one.

Our goal is to bring change to the area while spurring people to get involved in helping others.

The Coffee Project will be located in the heartbeat of Bartlesville, its Retail and Restaurant District.

Enrollment for Rogers State University downtown has experienced double-digit enrollment increases during several recent semesters.

The millennial population ages 18-36 comprises a large portion of The Coffee Project’s target market.

Employment has increased in Bartlesville for the highly specialized energy sector some 3.5% in the last four years.

The downtown area is home to several of the city’s largest employers, including Phillips 66, Conoco Phillips, and Schlumberger.


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