Canadian National Identity Essays

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Canada explained and admired, in 5,000 words or so.

While overly simplistic, this quip has a kernel of truth in that if Canada is to compare itself to other nations, the most logical suspect is always America.

Canadian values are, by and large, identical to those of the United States, especially when you consider the alternatives: Can Canada fairly compare itself to third-world countries?

Of course not: the average citizen’s standard of living alone makes such comparisons meaningless.

Canada must be fairly compared to other western democracies if we’re to make any useful conclusions.

I’m sorry to say that in doing so, I will have to give you a ten-minute course on Canadian geography, history and politics.

It’s not enough to say that “Canada is a kinder, gentler society” or that “Canada is from Venus while the United States are from Mars”, without explaining why and how we’ve come to that point. Not a qualified specialist, that’s for sure: I’m a French-Canadian by birth (but a bilingual citizen by practice), a federal public servant, a science-fiction reader and a Saturn driver.

I’m not a historian, a sociologist or an academic but I do love Canada, in all of its strengths and imperfections.

So allow me a few minutes of your time, and please be indulgent as I write some pro-Canadian propaganda.


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