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One thing to consider is that there are countless variations to this group as well as entities which service the overall infrastructure in one area or another.I have had producers lament the concern to me that eventually the beef industry will become as vertically integrated as the poultry industry, where one entity owns the animals from the time they are born (meaning they would own the cows and control the land too) until the time they are slaughtered and the meat marketed.Do not get me wrong, there are no wrong reasons, but it is very important that you evaluate reasons and not some bill of goods that someone has sold you.

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Just like any new business it is very important to develop a business plan.

This provides a road-map for you to follow as you go into your project.

2) I like the lifestyle and/or it's something I'm interested in.

3) I've inherited the family farm/ranch and would really like to get it running again.

I don't know too many people that consider throwing money out the window a recreational sport.

This means that some planning and thought needs to go into the start-up process and in initial subsequent input costs, operational costs, marketing programs, product sales, etc.

However, what I have recommended to numerous individuals wanting to undertake such an endeavor is to first sit back and reflect on why they are interested in getting into the cattle business and to be honest with themselves.

Here are some thoughts that have been passed on to me and that may be applicable to many new cattlemen: 1) It's something my family has always done and is part of my heritage.

The following is a list of sectors commonly found in the beef industry: 1) Purebred (Seedstock) Producer this type of operation produces breeding cattle which are subsequently resold back into other seedstock operations or to the commercial cattle producer.

2) Commercial Cow/Calf Producer this operation produces cattle that are used primarily for meat production.


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