Causes Of Poverty Essay

Causes Of Poverty Essay-9
There are number of people in India who still live on the streets and beg for the whole day to eat a meal.Underprivileged children are unable to attend school and, and those have the opportunity drop out after a year or so.Household expenditure is considered for calculating the poverty count in India.

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Sometimes you are born to it and your circumstances give you fewer options.

You spend your days trying your best to survive, with no energy left to think about being creative and being concerned about the things that you and I think about daily.

More: Child Labour in Sweatshops Studies show that the more developed a country becomes, the larger the income gap grows.

We can see from these numbers that a country’s economic growth does not guarantee that its citizens will be lifted out of poverty.

The good news is that in 2010, only 18% of the world’s population was living way below the poverty line as compared to 36% in 1990. The World Bank aims to reduce global poverty to 9% by 2020 and to 3% by 2030.

They plan to do this by focusing more on promoting income growth for the bottom 40% of the population and boosting shared prosperity. The problem with poverty is that the causes are extremely complicated with different factors contributing to the problem. “Developed” countries with strong economies still have a significant number of people who are struggling to survive. The state of poverty is not the same for everybody.

A person may be earning a day but their financial capability still needs to be compared to the rest of the population.

So, a poor person in the US has a different poverty level than a poor person in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Using this methodology, the National Sample Survey Organisation estimated poverty at 21.9% of the population (269 million) in 2011-12.

That means in the category of poor fell the people whose daily income was less than Rs 27 a day in villages and Rs 33 a day in cities.


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