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Artist and photographer Isa Leshko’s book Allowed to Grow Old: Portraits of Elderly Animals on Farm Sanctuaries captures the enduring spirit of farm animals who have been given a rare change to age, and die, with dignity."I was seeing Gandalf with this blank stare, and it took me right to that moment of being at my mom's bedside, and her final days when she was catatonic and had that blind expression on her face," the photographer, artist and writer told The artist began the project as a way to come to grips with her fear of aging.

But what she discovered was the incredible spirit of farm animals who have been given the rare opportunity to age with dignity.

Pesticides entering waterways and killing insect larva, along with an unavailability of nesting cavities, has caused this species to decline significantly since the 1960s. This species at risk can be saved by taking action on a local level. (Brendan Kelly) Brendan Kelly is a student at UPEI, completing his bachelor's degree of wildlife conservation.

Building a nest box and placing it in an open area is one way to help tree swallows! While Brendan has always had an interest in nature and being outdoors, his passion has always been birds.

Sometimes I get to photograph interesting people and places. I loved the textures and grittiness of the machinery at Ocean Concrete.

These are facilities I was hired to cover for the Teamsters. The raw power, rumble and roar of the heavy equipment and the choreography between man and machine reverberates in your gut and leaves you gawking stupidly.(Brendan Kelly) This bright yellow bird with a black necklace is found in dense, wet, forested areas across P. Protecting habitats for this vibrant songbird is in the hands of the people on P. (Brendan Kelly) The yellow-bellied sapsucker is a species of woodpecker which lives in younger stands of trees, where it drills holes into the bark (as shown here).These holes drip with sap and insects, which are attracted to the sweet sap, become stuck to it — an easy meal for the sapsucker.Attended ARTWALK NY in November 2017 as the guest of the David Giffen, the event’s organizer. https://ca/Your Morning/Video/Why-this-17-year-old-photographer-is-highlighting-Canadas-homeless—vid1288628 https:// And Buddy, a 28-year-old Appaloosa horse, had his eyes removed after going blind.Zebulon the Finnsheep was rescued due to a cruelty investigation.Also, she and the other contributors to the Tea and Bannock blog have even begun mentoring other up and coming Indigenous women photographers.A photography project intent on showing the human side of the cancellation of the basic income pilot project has added some Thunder Bay faces.He's seen in this portrait from Isa Leshko's book Allowed To Grow Old: Portraits of Elderly Animals from Farm Sanctuaries, published by the University of Chicago Press in 2019.(Isa Leshko)"Being on these sanctuaries, seeing the relationships between these animals and the workers who care for them, the fact that these animals had been abused by people and still managed to open their hearts again to form these close friendships with the people who were involved in their day-to-day care, it just showed me the power of empathy and forgiveness," said Leshko.


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