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The subject of my analysis is an internet audio lecture entitled "the God....shall have no other gods before me", also identical to Islam God is considered the creator of the universe, and he is also just.On the last day, or judgment day, the same holds true as in Islam in the Christian beliefs, the dead will be resurrected and either rewarded with heaven or punished with hell.Throughout the course of this essay, I will compare the many facets that show the alikeness between these two growing religions.

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Any Muslim, who wants to practice his/her religion and expresses the pious desire to live under the umbrella of Islam, is labeled a fundamentalist or extremist.

However, are such beliefs and opinions about Islam really justified?

Christianity is growing at a rate of 2.3% increase each year."(Consultants) Islam started in 622 CE and is the second largest religion in the world.(Molly 433) Islam doesn't have as many identified with the religion of Islam.

Such incidents from past and present have undoubtedly affected Muslims worldwide and more so in the West.

Mankind is regarded as the crown of creation, entrusted by God with management of the whole created order. It is a religion which seeks to give a meaningful purpose to our life on this earth.

It seeks to guide us in fulfilling that purpose by creating harmony between ourselves, our Creator and other fellow human beings (Rizvi).

Jesus Christ and Muhammad are believed to be the messengers of God.

1.3 Practices More so, the two religions share their similarities in their divisions.

The purpose of this paper is to explore the comparison between these two religions and by studying the two sacred books, hadiths and other sources of information with an intention of ascertaining that while there are many irreconcilabledifferencesbetween Christianity and Islam, ultimately, these two religions are by far the most similar of all religions and that their similarities in beliefs and values far transcend the differences in expansion that the world has witnessed over the years.

1.0 Similarities 1.1 Origins Both Christianity and Islam originated from the Middle East.


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