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York University is committed to the highest standards of integrity in research.

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Protocols will not be accepted for review unless a valid TCPS tutorial certificate is attached. All research involving human participants is considered research subject to review.

The Principal Investigator (researcher) of any research project involving human participants: NOTE: Failure to obtain ethics approval prior to the commencement of Research Activities is considered both a breach of Senate Policy as well as research misconduct.

I have had no problem contacting participants who are interested.

It took a lot of effort but I have managed to get a load of people who are interested.

All research involving human participants for graduate courses and Graduate Major Research Papers (MRPs) that is non-funded, minimal-risk, does not involve Aboriginal peoples or a clinical trial must be reviewed by the relevant unit level Delegated Ethics Review Committee.

Research subject to review includes, but is not limited to: surveys, questionnaires, interviews, participant observation and secondary data analysis.Whilst researchers and funders would like to aim for maximum visibility and value of the research outputs, their and our priority is, of course, for responsible research that informs participants fully and clearly, allowing informed decisions around data sharing and reuse.For more discussion on consent in research, the UK Data Service pages have an excellent overview as well as more consent form templates.The information below outlines the ethics protocols procedures for each category of research.Please carefully review the procedures that are relevant to your project, and ensure that you complete and submit all of the required documents along with your research proposal to your graduate program.All such instances of non-compliance will be addressed by the appropriate institutional office. If you are an Undergraduate Student: If you are conducting research involving human participants, as part of an undergraduate course assignment, or as an individual project (either for the class or for an undergraduate thesis), then proceed as follows: 2.If you are conducting research involving human participants, in support of a Major Research Paper and the research is minimal risk and does NOT involve Aboriginal/Indigenous peoples, then proceed as follows: Further information about the Delegated Ethics Review Committees (Composition, responsibilities, reporting requirements and forms) are available at the Office of Research Ethics website.Where delegated reviewers decide that a protocol should not be approved, the protocol will be referred to the HPRC for full board review.All graduate student researchers must complete the TCPS tutorial to establish that they have completed the necessary education component and attach their certificate of completion to their protocols.Having recently looked at data protection in research data management (RDM) generally, and anonymisation more specifically, now let’s take a look at participant consent, as that’s another common area for questions.Ethics support at Cranfield University can be found on the ethics intranet pages (internal link), including a sample consent form (docx).


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