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However, nothing new is introduced in the conclusion.

Try the interactive activity on this topic: Essay structure: the conclusion Evidence can come from different sources but should include facts, supported by expert opinions and observations, examples, anecdotes or other illustrations such as graphs and diagrams.

Learn how to transform a journal reference to an APA 6th referencing style.

Activity 1: APA 6th - from journal to referencing Activity 2: APA 6th - order of elements A referencing guide is available at the CDU Library website.

The introduction also states the main point (thesis) that is going to be argued and an outline of how the essay will be organised.

Try the interactive activity on this topic: Essay structure: the introduction A body The body is the main part of the essay and is made up of a series of paragraphs which present the argument and the evidence for that argument.Remember making mistakes isn't a bad thing - not taking the time to read through your work and correct them is.The literature review is aimed at covering the study of the research related to labor productivity calculations performed to evaluate the performance of the United States construction industry and the development of formulae used to perform the labor productivity calculations.It was also reported that when productivity was measured for a long period by considering various construction related activities, it was found that long term productivity was experienced with a significant improvement in the equipment technology (Goodrum and Haas, 2002).Although many studies have been attempted to measure the performance of the construction industry there exist no reliable data, which confirms that the productivity has either increased or decreased for both construction industry and its sub-sectors (Chapman and Butry, 2008). Twelve of the larger builders agreed to experiment with this approach for a period of six months, though systematic checks made by police throughout the period found that builder compliance was variable. This produced the recommendation that installation of appliances should be delayed until the new owners had taken up residence, thus effectively removing the targets of theft.Many researchers have made However, this assessment was contradicted by a report, which concluded that U.S construction industry has shown signs of improved productivity by adopting innovative technologies (Young and Bernstein, 2006).Orientation: Childhood malnutrition and illness can have devastating consequences for the cognitive development of a child.Topic: Childhood malnutrition and illness Focus: What governments can/should do ...


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