Consultancy Assignments

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Creative innovation that is tested against reality and practical feasibility.

Discover some realisations that our Consultants & Blue Consultants have contributed to.

The Bank uses consultancy services of an intellectual or advisory nature to complement the Bank’s capabilities in areas, such as institution building; restructuring; policy advice; management; legal, financial and procurement services, analysis and research, identification, preparation and implementation of projects and training.

Consultancy assignments regarding selection and employment of consultants by the Bank’s clients are guided by the Bank’s Procurement Principles and Rules.

Consultants provide their advice to their clients in a variety of forms. However, in some specialized fields, the consultant may develop customized software or other products for the client.

Depending on the nature of the consulting services and the wishes of the client, the advice from the consultant may be made public, by placing the report or presentation online, or the advice may be kept confidential, and only given to the senior executives of the organization paying for the consulting services The range of areas of expertise covered by the term "consultant" is wide.An information systems or project management consultant is also referred as just a consultant who manages constraints such as budget and resources agreed with the client.An external consultant, on the other hand is normally fulfilling a non-employee role that usually exists within the organization and is helping to bridge a gap caused by staffing shortages, skills and expertise.The use of their competences in various companies and sectors has provided them with this expertise.By only working in one company, you never gain the same expertise.Elva helps you as a customer to support your growth. Our consultants can transfer from one project to the next project with the same client if we are convinced of the win-win situation, in other words if our consultant is also the right match for your next assignment.Elva specializes in project-based consultancy assignments. In the development of a new product, we always start from innovative ideas.Both of them are non-employees of an organization and both work on the basis of contract terms.Some companies have employees of the company act as internal consultants and they provide cross-team advice.Our clients are based worldwide and as we are rapidly growing, we seek to find people who would complement our teams and support us and also maintain and develop the current client base.The company is now facing an exciting time with further expansion of the business, leading to a number of opportunities arising to join our team.


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