Cover Letter Pharmacy

Dear Human Resources Director: My name is Gina Weaver and I am applying for a job as a pharmacy technician with your organization.

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I took some pre-pharmacy courses during my undergraduate years in college; therefore I am already familiar with pharmaceutical terminology, laws and ethics governing the industry, patient privacy laws and electronic health records.

I understand the importance of making sure that patients fully understand any side effects associated with their prescription medications as well as the proper dosage and time medications should be taken.

I am accustomed to assisting the pharmacist by selecting medications that are listed on prescriptions.

I have experience printing labels for prescription bottles and verifying that the information on the bottle matches the original written or printed prescription from the physician.

I also know how to update patients’ records each time prescriptions are filled or changed.

I have experience filing insurance and following up with the insurance company or the customer for payment.I am able to work at any store in the city where they may be an opening for a pharmacy technician.I have experience with all duties associated with a typical pharmacy technician job including receiving prescription orders from customers either in person, online or by telephone.She is applying for an opening in the store’s pharmacy department.She already knows the store’s computer system, basic store policies and procedures and has passed a drug and background check. Everett: I am applying for the open position of pharmacy technician here at ABC Organic Markets, Inc.Dear Human Resources Director: I am applying for a position as a pharmacy technician and I am able to work at any of your 12 metropolitan city locations.My name is Wes Bradley and I just graduated from XYZ State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.I am familiar with professional telephone etiquette and am also an excellent time manager and multi-tasker.I possess strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills and I am proficient on a number of different computer programs.Throughout college I worked as a waiter at an upscale seafood restaurant.I am accustomed to working in a very fast-paced environment and I understand the importance of providing superior customer service.


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