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But each time you produce a new piece of content — whether it’s a blog post, podcast or video — you follow the same process of organizing your ideas and finding the right words to express yourself. You won’t always work through them in order, and sometimes you’ll jump back and forth between steps.But the best content has usually gone through all six: Let’s take a look at each…The objective and keywords will limit your options for developing the idea. Your goal is to find the right way to talk about the topic, first, to engage readers and, second, to help you achieve your business goals. (You can find the finished article on the Crazy Egg blog, 6 Battle-Tested Landing Page Openings That Consistently Sell More, https:// If all you have is a general idea or broad topic, you need to narrow your approach.

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She had been saving promotional emails from different brands and found a good example among them.

Sometimes, a topic takes center stage in the online community for a while.

Once you’ve established an angle, your editor may well want to know what the hook is.

A hook is the thing that makes it time-sensitive and therefore worth running.

It’s just that all content ultimately starts with the written word.

The steps you take to present your ideas in a video are the same as you’d use in an article. So no matter what type of content you plan to create, the processes you learn in this chapter can help.

They use a narrative structure to give the reader an insight into a world they did not previously know.

Whatever it’s called, the key to writing a successful feature piece is simple. Ideas are the stock in trade of staff and freelance journalists, and someone with a good idea for a feature will do much better at attracting the attention of an editor than someone who writes beautifully but offers mundane suggestions. I once spent a frustrating afternoon talking to a highly talented writer, quite famous in a field other than journalism, about what he would like to write for the magazine I worked for as a section editor.

We’re talking relevant, creative, engaging content that actually gets read.

Here we cover the six steps of the creative process, in depth and with specific examples showing you how to turn your idea into a finished piece of content.


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