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Poetry: Tiffany Atkinson, Denise Riley, Sophie Robinson Fiction: Trezza Azzopardi, Amit Chaudhuri, Andrew Cowan, Giles Foden, Philip Langeskov, Jean Mc Neil, Henry Sutton, Naomi Wood Nonfiction: Vesna Goldsworthy, Kathryn Hughes, Rebecca Scott, Helen Smith, Ian Thomson Scriptwriting: Ben Musgrave, Molly Naylor, Steve Waters, Timberlake Wertenbaker The program offers full and partial funding.There are currently 11 donor-funded scholarships, ranging from a £1,000 fee waiver to the Booker Foundation Scholarship, which covers fees and living expenses to a value of £25,000.I used to work in publishing - I've read some of the output of these 'wonder courses', and on that basis, I wouldnt recommend them to anybody, not even the one at UEA.

The teaching of creative writing in the UK began at UEA nearly fifty years ago, and we are still widely seen as the home of creative writing in this country.Would I be able to do the MA and then the NCTJ, or should I just do the NCTJ? Hi, I think I found this thread a bit late, but I am just wondering, which of the university did you pick?Because I also have recently applied to UEA also for MA in Poetry and I thought that if you are there, maybe you wont mind giving about the course.Apart from tv work, other graduates work in writing, journalism, advertising copywriting and PR. Feel like resurrecting this thread, because I've got a bit of a dilemma, albeit a far-off one. For that, I'm going to have to take a postgraduate NCTJ course, such as the ones at Cardiff and Sheffield.However, I've been researching the Creative Writing MA at UEA and it just looks perfect, provided I could actually get into the course (which would be difficult, since it's v. I'm a keen poet and would love to incorporate creative writing as part of my career, such as being a part-time freelance writer.This is the pre-eminent creative writing course in the country.As a result it can attract the best teaching staff rather than simply writers wanting pin money.Hey, I got postgraduate offers for University of East Anglia and Warwick for the creative writing course. UEA is MA Creative Writing Poetry While the Writing Program at Warwick is slightly different: you choose 5 different modules over two semesters ranging from non-fiction, children's fiction, eco-poetry, music, script etc.While currently I'm leaning towards poetry writing and would like to specialize, I wouldn't mind trying out prose as well (but I haven't written a lot of prose for a while so I'm slightly less confident).It is very noticeable that UEA stresses the writing achievements of its alumni while Warwick stresses the writing achievements of its faculty.One factor to bear in mind is that creative writing is UEA's signature course.


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