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With fewer scenes and subplots to focus on, you can focus more energy on each scene, your dialogue and word choice.All of this helps you become better at catching inconsistencies, grammar mistakes and other story elements. Sometimes, in the midst of a scene or character interaction, we're struck by inspiration.

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Let it sit, give yourself some mental space from your creation, and then return with fresh and critical eyes. This is all well and good if everything is flowing along smoothly, but what happens when you hit a storm? Do you give up and let the story be lost in the tempest? Trained writers have resources and tools to combat these moments of darkness and confusion. He's a teacher, writer, father and amateur mountain man.

On the other hand, writing the story without a plan, and discovering the narrative as you progress, is exciting and challenging. Either way, when you come to a conclusion, I recommend stepping away from the piece for a few days. Deus ex machinas encircle you like sharks armed with laser beams. Derrick Craigie serves as the associate dean of faculty for creative writing and literature at Southern New Hampshire University.

Taking the time to chart your course before diving into the short story allows every word to be written with purpose. Learning and commanding the craft is absolutely critical. The question is, will you chart your course and tell your story?

Doing so doesn't mean that you lock yourself into a certain structure or format that will dictate your stories until the end of time, but instead grants you a compass, sextant, and map that will help you find your way to where you and your story need to be. It's important work that needs to continue, and I hope this advice is helpful.

Writing a successful short story – which I’ll define as executing a captivating, engaging narrative arc in roughly 3,000 to 5,000 words – is a great way to hone your skills in narrative structure, character development, and setting, all rendered in elegant prose. So sit down and, in one sitting, write out the story.

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Don’t worry if it sounds terrible or meandering – this is only your first draft. One rule of short stories is that there’s generally only space for a single protagonist within the piece. Write on what you care about, take the story in directions that excite and scare you, and don't be afraid to take chances. Putting our work out there to be read by people we don't know is terrifying, but stories have been a part of human culture for millennia.Whether a successful published novelist or a creative writing student, all writers should try their hand at short stories at least a few times in their lives. Short fiction is an art form that differs from, say, telling a story at a dinner party, but it starts from the same seed: the story.Finally, after several months, my reluctance to enlist in her project compelled her to resort to a not so veiled threat: “Steven,” she said.“Either we have a baby now or I’m going to leave you.” All right, I told her, get…For example, I just opened my Raymond Carver collection and read these two first sentences: “I knew it was a mistake to let my brother have the money” and “I was in my room one night when I heard something in the corridor.” There’s a reason he masters the form, eh? There’s no room for lazy dialogue or repetitive scene descriptions in a short story; every word counts. I’d started and stopped so many stories when I was a kid because I was always aiming for something huge.Short stories can also contain rich settings and compelling characters, but they force efficiency upon a writer. Word count also works if you prefer that benchmark. It's important to not only know what you're writing about, but why you are writing. Understanding this allows you to map your scenes and character arc to the successful development of a cohesive idea. While this might seem frightening at first, I find that the confines of a short story often boil the work down to its most important, and compelling, parts. There is no magic formula, and each writer follows his or her own unique process, but I hold to eight general guidelines when sitting down to draft a short story. Regardless, knowing in advance how much physical space you have to work with helps you determine your sequencing of scenes and overall narrative arc. You'll elevate your story from an entertaining yarn to a substantive experience that makes a reader genuinely think and feel. This will allow you to keep your writing focused and deliberate. Either way, you want to have considered key points in your narrative arc and at least have a workable concept of your ending. Our fingers strike the keyboard in an unanticipated rhythm and we discover an unplanned story beat that is much more satisfying and powerful than anything we could have plotted out.


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