Critical Thinking Cartoons

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Schools often encourage teachers to impart as much information as possible within the limited time allocated to them (Schaferman, 1991; Brevik, Fosse & Rødnes, 2014; Curdt-Christiansen, 2010).

Researchers have suggested that teachers should conduct better teaching in economics especially when the students nowadays take this subject in order to develop critical thinking (Johnston, James, Lye & Mc Donald, 2000; Khoo, 2011).

To think like an economist is the capacity to make a decisions, to be open to new evidence and the capacity to solve problems in daily life (Willingham, 2007).

In short, it is the specific application of critical thinking to a problem area.

Malaysian graduates also face the same problem where their thinking ability is at a moderate level (Tarmizi et al. These findings imply that drastic and effective measures need to be taken at school level to prepare secondary school students to be effective employees who are able to think critically.

Critical Thinking Cartoons

In addition, critical thinking is one of the important components of the secondary school economics syllabus.Cartoons are a great way to communicate your message about critical thinking with humor.If you don't find exactly the critical thinking cartoon you need, I can be hired to create a custom cartoon specifically for your project.However, the findings of Ferraro and Taylor (2005) indicate that economic students do not have deeper understanding of economics concepts or developed reasoning ability when compared to the science students.They also found that most economics classes only emphasize mathematical calculation and techniques to the detriment of economics reasoning ability.Economics is an elective subject in form four (upper secondary, equivalent to year 10) in Malaysia.The Economics curriculum consists mainly of Mathematics, Graphing and working with formula.Students who take form four economics in secondary schools generally face difficulties in mastering economic skills that involve mathematical and graphing elements (Andreopoulos & Panayides, 2010).Many students found that the subject of Economics was difficult (Zakaria Kassim, 1993).Most of the education system focuses on developing students’ higher-order thinking skills nowadays. It is accepted that every student can think naturally.However, without appropriate learning experiences, students often struggle to develop higher order skills in complex domains such as economic thinking.


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