Critical Thinking Decision Making Ppt

What makes solving daily problems so natural for one person and such a struggle for the next?

The truth is, even experienced decision makers continually hone and perfect their creative problem-solving skills. Not only do those who make better decisions have more job opportunities, get promoted more often, and increase their work productivity, but they are generally happier.

Still, many people don’t truly understand exactly the underlying concepts that make critical thinking an effective process.

There are four key structures that all critical thinking is based on: Logic – An individual’s ability to see direct relationships between causes and effects.

Additionally, throughout this guide, we will provide you amazing online tools, videos, and resources to help you continue to learn how to make decisions better into your daily activities.

Problem-solving is one of the leadership skills that successful business professionals and entrepreneurs are expected to have, yet many struggle with the simplest of decisions.All of these outside elements must be considered in order to truly engage in a critical decision-making process.Alternatives – Potential solutions not currently in use.Many new decision-making strategies (relying heavily on critical thinking career skills), were created over this time period, including CATWOE, PEST, and the Cause and Effect Analysis model.Since that time, critical thinking and decision making are synonymous business skills that are expected of corporate leaders.Critical thinking is the practice of methodically gathering, analyzing, and evaluating information.It is one of the most vital parts of the problem solving and decision-making process, as it is the act of clearly thinking through options that will lead to a final choice.Critical questioning allows you to clearly distinguish facts from biases, stakeholders from observers, and solutions from potential solutions.If critical thinking is the lens by which you see solutions, questioning is the telescope that gives that lens shape, structure, and purpose.By learning specific problem solving and decision-making techniques, you can see problems sooner and make decisions faster.This allows you to make more confident decisions in your job, and gives you more control over the happiness and productivity in every part of your life.


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