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That said, as long as your mind isn’t wandering over your problems again and agaian, fantasizing can be useful.Take my Quartz colleague, health and science writer Katherine Ellen Foley.

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“Past, present and future are strung together, as it were, on the thread of the wish that runs through them,” he wrote.

To the extent that this fantasy can inspire the orphan to make his daydreams come true, threading wishes can be a good idea.

Western culture tends to look down on daydreamers—as if it’s a childish habit that we’re supposed to outgrow, along with make-believe games and imaginary friends.

But none other than Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, thought that most adults daydream too little.

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I let myself think that if it’s my heart’s desire, it’s okay to dream about in that moment.”I ask her why she doesn’t think this way all the time.

Quite reasonably, Foley says, ”I like that idea, but I worry it would lead to perpetual disappointment.

Or maybe my mind’s just taking its time while it still can.

Either way, I’ve long been convinced having my head in the clouds has benefits—and I’m happy that there’s proof that daydreaming doesn’t make you a flake.


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