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The thesis is not an analysis of the school per se, but rather an investigation into it's origin and underlying world view. Historical geography in north America virtually owes its existence to Sauer's efforts.Full-text UC dissertations since 1996 are available from Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses.

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The findings based on the data in this study illustrate the empowerment students experience both in the process of personal reflection/expression through digital multimedia, and in the imagined social uses and influence of their creations.

As they constructed representations of past experiences through the use of voice, photos, video, music and special effects, the students repositioned themselves with respect to those experiences.

The "morphology" had a profound impact on the discipline of geography in North America, and it carefully outlined Sauer's perspective on the field.

Accordingly, the bulk of the thesis covers the period from Sauer's birth until the penning of the "morphology".

” This study pursues that question as it applies to adult education.

The author investigates a particular approach to digital production that combines personal narrative and multimedia known as “Digital Storytelling.” The main questions guiding the study are “What do students in adult education see as the purposes and power of creating digital stories?

Data include students' writing from a concurrent journaling class, author's fieldnotes, formal and informal interviews, and the scripts and digital stories produced.

Adult students commonly return to school in response to desire for self-improvement or change in their lives, hoping that education will lead to transformation in circumstance and self-esteem despite past experiences of disempowerment in the classroom.

In such cases, readers may access a work only after a designated period of time (the embargo period).

At Northeastern, the maximum embargo permitted is two years.


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