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Think of this as setting the stage so that the reader can know what to expect this paper to be about.

Secondly, many theses involve a lengthy overview of academic literature, detailing the problem as already understood by scholars in the field.

You will also have to make explicit your methodology, detailing how you’ve decided to approach the topic. This is where you will be showing the fruits of your research and arguing for your thesis.

Depending on the topic, this is probably going to be where most of your writing comes into play.

After all, you will be arguing for a specific viewpoint or establishing some point of fact. You can also point out how some things were outside the scope of your paper and what paths future research might take.

Lastly, you will have your bibliography or works cited page.for graduation, an undergraduate thesis is usually an additional option that allows especially bright students a chance to participate deeply in research related to their major.Often, those who complete an undergraduate thesis will graduate with an additional honor.If it ends in or is associated with a scholar or a university, then it is more or less acceptable, but popular websites are a big no-no.They aren’t reliable and aren’t written on a level suited to real research.Before discussing specific points of structure, it is imperative that when writing a thesis you RIGOROUSLY adhere to the guidelines of academic integrity and cite all sources in your paper in the proper format that your department requests you to use!Any quotation, paraphrase, or factual claim that is not common knowledge must be cited.In consultation with your adviser, you will begin to gather research materials well in advance of writing your paper.You are going to primarily deal with three major source types. Your school library is likely to have an online service like JSTOR that will allow you to do a digital search for scholarly material and read it for free online.Your library will also have many volumes to browse in person as well.Secondly, primary scholarly sources will also be frequently part of your research.


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