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Designed for the highly motivated, it allows students to lay out their own educational roadmap that is supplemented with one-on-one mentorship from faculty.Note: Prior to applying for the Custom-Designed Major, check out Drexel’s extensive list of majors and minors to make sure that your desired course of study cannot be fully satisfied by an existing program.Some examples of Custom-Designed Majors include Quantitative Behavioral Finance, Sustainable Design, Science and Technology Policy, and New Media Entrepreneurship.

Ideally, you want to come up with a name for your major, which could be based on either a professional field or your own experiences.

Make sure you describe the programs in detail because your vision statement is centered around them.

Once you know what you hope to accomplish in the program, ask yourself how you will achieve those objectives.

What academic resources will put you on the right trajectory?

Westphal encompasses a variety of majors that help artistic and creative individuals find practical and sustainable applications of their craft to high-demand industries.

Similar to the application for Custom-Designed Major, the Westphal College application is direct and focuses in on your specific path.When answering the “why,” you can take a number of different approaches as long as you satisfy your primary goal of demonstrating that you are passionate about a subject. These are all questions that you should be considering as you write.You can write about an experience that significantly impacted your life and has sparked your interest in a subject.If you know exactly what you want to do in the future, write about your specific career path and how having a solid foundation in multiple fields will strengthen your skills and insight.If you are not certain of the specific job you would like to work at but have a general idea of what you want to do, discuss the shortcomings that currently exist and how your interdisciplinary studies prepare you to better respond to situations. The admissions officers want to know that you are going in with clearly defined goals.The majority of the academic departments at Drexel operate under a quarter system, permitting you to take classes even during the summer if desired.This gives you the option of overloading on courses, but make sure your proposal is one that you could realistically manage.A strong way to start off your vision statement is by identifying a societal or professional need for an educational pathway that is currently nonexistent at the school.You can open with a personal experience or an observation that shows why an interdisciplinary approach is necessary.In addition to listing out the courses you want to take, make sure you include the ones that are degree requirements for all Custom-Designed Majors.These requirements include a number of CSDN/WEST courses as well as fulfilling a number of credits in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and sciences.


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