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In this paper, we present Super A-gent, a customer service chatbot that leverages large-scale and publicly available ecommerce The Function of English on the Spread of Chinese Tea Culture under the Background of Cross-Border E-Commercefree download Abstract China is a rising power all over the world in the 21st century.With the rising international status of China, more and more overseas countries want to learn and master Chinese symbols, and the oversea spread of Chinese culture is becoming a current hot E-COMMERCE: PROMOTING ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN INDIAfree download Abstract: E-commerce carries with it its own importance in the corporate world due to the effect of globalisation.Businesses thus demand new and efficient Evolution of online shopping: E-commercefree download Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to study the consumers behavior towards buying pattern while doing online shopping.

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OTP is employed to counter replay attack/eavesdropping.

Replay attack or eavesdropping is o ne E-Commerce as Mechanism for Enhancing Micro and Small Enterprises: The Case of a Port Conurbated Area in the Southeast of Mexicofree download Abstract E-commerce arised from the greater demand experienced by companies and the need of their administration to make better use of information technology and to find a better way to adapt the new technologies, in order to improve the relationship between customer Using Feature and Orthogonal Variability Models to Design E-Commerce Model With (Software Product Line Engineering) technique ‎free download 1.

Using a sample size of 251 Amazon shoppers, we studied the effect of the persuasive strategies of the PSD framework on e-commerce customers based on 1) if they often review Assessing the Gains from E-Commercefree download Abstract E-commerce represents a rapidly growing share of US retail spending.

We use transactions-level data on credit and debit cards from Visa, Inc.

The 13th five-year poverty alleviation plan has involved E-commerce into system.

The rural E-commerce could improve the awareness and abilities of poor people Click yes to enter e-commerce success: A qualitative study of the barriers faced by Swedish e-commerce SMEs in Russia and Chinafree download Abstract Globalization is beneficial for economic growth, and the adoption of information-and communication technologies is seen as a trigger to the development and globalization.

between 20 to quantify the resulting consumer surplus.

We estimate that the gains from e-commerce Using images to improve machine-translating e-commerce product listingsfree download Abstract In this paper we study the impact of using images to machine-translate user- generated ecommerce product listings.

Abstract Software designers are looking for easy and special methods and designing tools to be easy to use, especially in large productivities designs and here launched the idea of using (Orthogonal variability model (OVM) and Feature Model (FM)) to analysis and The Impact of ICT and E-Commerce Activities on Employment in Europefree download Abstract This study presents new empirical evidence regarding the impact of ICT/e- commerce activities on labour demand.

The data is based on new and unique data for 10 European countries for the period 2002-2010.


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