Educational System Problems Essay

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Schools must focus on activities that challenge the student’s mind, hone their analytical skills and invoke their creative thinking ability.

This will help them perform better in different fields as they grow up.

The need to reform and restructure our education system has been felt many time.

However, no concrete steps have yet been taken in this direction.

Indian education system is quite different from that of the foreign nations.

The curriculum in the western countries is known to be quite light and based on practical knowledge whereas in India the focus is on theoretical knowledge and acquiring marks by hook or crook.

The system must be changed to ensure the all round development of the students.

Conclusion The people in power must understand that the Indian education system requires serious reforms.

Need for All Round Development The primary focus of the Indian education system is on academics.

Here also the focus is not on understanding the concept and enhancing knowledge but only on mugging up the lessons with or without understanding them with the sole aim of attaining good marks.


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