Encountering Conflict Essay Conclusion

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If you’re fighting with your parents, you might try having a calm conversation with them about what’s going on.

They’ll probably be impressed to see you take such a mature approach to the problem, especially if you initiate it.

The key factor is that such a person wants the outcome desired.

Hopefully, by considering the various theories and examining how they would be applied to the various situations and dilemmas involving medical practices and institutions each person will become more aware of their fundamental values and which of the theories is most in keeping with what they think of as the good.

However, if you feel unsafe or can’t resolve it on your own, you should get help.

There are different ways of dealing with family conflict. Even if they just give you some time to think about what to do next, that’s a start.

At times doing the morally correct thing will not make the actor happy except to know that they did what was right.

It is only the Egoist that thinks doing what is correct must always make the actor happy.

EE lacks logic in that there is no consistency or universalizability.

It can not resolve moral conflicts as there is no agreed upon principle of the GOOD amongst EE's in a conflict. At the United Nations they operate with the principle of UTILITY in an effort to resolve conflicts and avoid violence. The religious fanatics who employ tactics of violence and terror such as the Islamicists use DIVINE COMMAND as their principle.


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