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Close to nothing, getting there can be a chore but the views of this most unusual sight more than make up for that long drive through the empty desert.Taroko Gorge National Park, located in the center of Taiwan, is one of the world’s great natural treasures and yet few people outside of Taiwan have actually heard of it.

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Full of lush rainforests, stunning waterfalls and a veritable cathedral of bamboo trees, the hike was a special one not just for the beautiful scenery but because I was alone.

Unlike the busy beaches, few tourists visit this lonely section of the island allowing me several hours of beautiful introspection; easily one of the highlights of my trip.

It’s only a matter of time before this changes though because the unique combination of ice-blue waters, massive white marble boulders and breathtaking mountain vistas make Taroko a place unlike any other.

Taiwan has had a violent geological past, and these powerful forces have played out in the now serene river and mountains that make the island nation a mystical place to visit.

Crespi d’Adda is one such enlightened community and instead of seeking to subjugate their employees, the town was created to provide them with a better quality of life.

While the company has long since shuttered, people still call this town home and walking through the planned community it’s easy to imagine the well-ordered life that once existed here.It’s one of my favorite travel memories and should be on everyone’s travel bucket lists.Located near Milan and Bergamo in Northern Italy, I was surprised by this small, planned city in nearly every way.The Overberg is part of South Africa’s Western Cape and lies just an hour or so from the great magnet of the south, Cape Town.There’s a lot to do and see in this small region, from 4×4 treks into the fynbos covered hills to a picnic along the beautiful beaches.Known locally as the residence of early conservationist Grey Owl, today Kingsmere Lake is a remote but peaceful enclave tucked away deep in the woods of Saskatchewan.To get there involves driving through vast prairies and national park lands, boating up rivers and finally portaging to the lake itself.There are so many different photos I could share along these lines, but I wanted most to share with everyone some of my favorite places to visit around the world that may not be as well known as London or Paris, but which are no less enjoyable to explore.This is a random list in random order based only on my feelings, but I hope you like it and find some new destinations to discover in 2015.Again, this is another place well known within the country, but I don’t think that the Overberg is all that well known outside of South Africa.A country full of beautiful landscapes, this may be one of my favorites.


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