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They were just following what they had seen in the movie and weren’t even incorporating the fact they were being violent which shows how unconscious people are with the influence violence in the media has.The cartoon above is a perfect representation on how oblivious society is to the issues that we constantly encounter.Other experiments have shown that exposure to media violence can increase aggressive thinking, aggressive emotions, and tolerance for aggression, all known risk factors for later aggressive and violent behavior.

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I feel as though teens would be able to relate to this paper the most simply because we are living in the generation where media is booming.

Unconsciously and unknowingly, people’s behavior and aggression towards violence are influenced by the media.

By doing this, it won’t place anyone in a specific and unhealthy mindset.

Also, by increasing media that will have a positive effect on our lives and actually teach us something helpful both short and long-term will not only educate us, but place us in the right mindset that’ll benefit everyone in the world.

I can honestly say this Advanced Essay has been the most challenging one of the four we have received in this English class this year.

Starting off the unit, I couldn't really get into the book we were reading because I just wasn't interested in it and when it was announced we were to do another advanced essay for our benchmark this quarter, that made me feel even worse about everything.

Majority of the youth is exposed to some sort of act of violence through the media before the age of ten years old.

With the numerous and everlasting murders that have been occurring more frequently lately, school shootings, and fights going on it’s hard to ignore the violence factor that goes on in the world.

His neighbors would say he was a nice young man, but was isolated majority of the time and only took interest in conversations when discussing video games and guns.

While investigating, the police even found a secret chat room online which him and anonymous others were planning out exactly what he’d do.


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