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Unfortunately, in certain countries, a physical or psychological handicap could also be the cause of infanticide following the social and financial burden disabled children put on their family.Discrimination due to disability Discrimination due to disability is numerous: in fields such as education, lodging, transportation and cultural life, most of the places and services concerned are largely inaccessible to individuals suffering from disabilities.

Children suffering from a disability, by their vulnerability, are particularly sensitive to the act of giving voice to their opinion, even though sometimes, communication with them would present numerous obstacles (difficulties in communicating with them, slow thinking, lack of understanding).

Thus, handicapped children should be considered an integral part of decision making when it comes to issues which matters to them.

Violence There is an increasing risk of disabled children becoming unfortunate victims of violence due to their inability to defend themselves.

Thus, physical, psychological and emotional violence happens to be a sad reality that disabled children undergo in domestic, institutional as well as social circles.

Yet, the right to leisure is a right included in the Convention of the Rights of the Child (art.

31 CRC) and this naturally applies to the differently-abled child as well.

The right to proper treatment The second paragraph of article No.

23 CRC, dedicated to children with disabilities guarantees their right to get special care and to request the granting of state assistance, adapted to the child’s country and to the financial standing of his parents or his guardian.

The obstacles are numerous, be it physical (buildings which cannot be accessed by individuals on wheelchairs), institutional (the lack of qualified staff, for example professional sign language interpreters), or even obstacles that simply stem from intolerance.

Even in developed countries, one could observe a certain discrimination which affects disabled children: they are most often separated from other children, kept in special institutions away from the family, in special classes, etc.


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