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They may spark from different experience, but we are intertwined in our methodology for career choice through our heart for others. I want to remind any nurse reading this that nursing will continue to choose you throughout your career.It is so funny how nursing just pulls you out of your everyday life as if to say, “nope, you don’t get to be a civilian today, you’re still a nurse”! Four days after I was crowned Miss Colorado I was driving in my crown and sash away from an appearance as a car flipped over on our interstate and started on fire. A fireman also pulled over (that special place in our hearts, other service industry members have that too!

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The 26-year-old was studying to become an air traffic controller when government money dried up for the program in Oklahoma.

It wasn’t until his mother took a fall and was cared for by a male nurse that Hernandez began to consider nursing as a career.

), and we collectively (after removing the crown and sash) helped pull this man from his car and start working on him. I remember shaking my head thinking, “thanks a lot, nursing”, and then giggling. Congratulations on making this choice for your career.

How lucky I am to have been chosen by this profession!

And while the percentage of men in registered nursing has risen over the decades — a mere 3 percent were nurses in 1970, for instance — the numbers are still surprisingly low for a field that has seen immense growth.

Male-dominated sectors have hemorrhaged jobs in recent years: manufacturing — 70 percent male — lost 5 million jobs over the past two decades.“I looked online: what’s the starting salary for a nurse? Today, only 83 percent of men between the ages of 25 and 54 with a high school education or less are employed or looking for work, compared to 97 percent in 1964.And the reason, Stevenson says, may be directly related to how men perceive themselves and the jobs available.“If you’ve grown up thinking your whole life that you’re going to go into a factory and make stuff, then you’re [not] going to [want] to go into a home and take care of [someone],” she said.Rose Campbell, a registered nurse in Miami, thinks the problem is rooted in a lack of awareness regarding nursing.And it brings us all together, our binding character trait.I think I can say now that I guess my reason for going into nursing is a combination of everyone’s reason.Pay plays a role, but there’s something else deterring them from these jobs, says economist Betsey Stevenson: stigma.Hernandez barely took a breath when talking about an open heart surgery he watched two weeks ago: the doctor stopped the patient’s heart to operate while a perfusionist — a nurse specialist — operated the heart-lung machine, pumping oxygenated blood throughout the patient’s body.Hernandez is preparing to enter a field dominated by women.In Florida, 89 percent of registered nurses are women, on a par with levels nationally, according to the Florida Center for Nursing.


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