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Her research has been impeccable, and she has included a wealth of personal and historic detail.The contemporary photos, documents and maps are excellent and place events in lucid context.

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This new war is always shadowed by what young Robert calls “the big war just past.” The Beck family is Jewish, and their ordeal in World War II is the subject of the much longer , he is a ghost.

Wallenberg was last seen in 1945 and has never been accounted for, though he is believed to have died in a Soviet prison.

Kertes, like Robert, escaped with his family across Europe and eventually settled in Canada, though he was only five at the time.

Kertes, whose previous novel, , won both the National (U.

At the beginning of the story, Robert sees men strung up in a public square in Budapest.

His experience of death quickly becomes more intimate, when Judit, the wife of his father’s cousin, dies in childbirth as they flee.In cooperation with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and with other institutions, the Institute organizes extensive academic and training programmes for the dissemination of human rights standards, democratic values and the rule of law, in Sweden and in several other countries.Together with Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute has initiated four series of publications and publishes a number of related books and journals.The Institute co-operates closely with the University of Lund and several other academic institutions and international organisations.The RWI participates in networks of Nordic, European and international human rights institutes and works actively with them on various human rights and international development projects.Moving and inspiring; Wallenberg’s is a name to remember for all time, and Borden has done an admirable job of ensuring readers will., which tells the story of a family fleeing the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary to crush the anti-Communist revolution from the point of view of young Robert Beck, 9.8 years old but “born old,” as his Parisian aunt tells him when she meets him for the first time.LONDON — Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from being killed by the Nazis, has been formally declared dead, 71 years after he disappeared in Hungary in the closing months of World War II. B., shed new light on the case by stating outright that Mr. In a statement, they called the step “a way to deal with the trauma we lived through, to bring one phase to closure and move on.”The statement added, “The family has lived in hope and despair — hope that their efforts would bear fruit and Raoul would return, despair as their hopes were dashed again and again.”The family also needed to obtain a death certificate to settle his estate.It is widely believed that Soviet jailers killed Mr. After the fall of the Soviet Union, a comprehensive Russian-Swedish re-examination of the case, completed in 2000, cited evidence suggesting that Mr. The formal request was submitted in the spring by Martin Gartner, a trustee from the Swedish bank SEB, on behalf of Mr.Susanne Berger, a German historian, is part of a research initiative that is examining the case with support from Mr. She said in a telephone interview that she and her colleagues would continue to press the Russian authorities for greater access to the archives. Wallenberg’s presumed death, and that they were “surprisingly vague and imprecise.”The most sensational claim in the diaries is that Viktor Abakumov, who preceded Mr. The Serov diaries “do not shed any additional light on what exactly happened to Wallenberg after his trail breaks off in Lubyanka Prison in March 1947, nor do they contain any evidence for the claim that Wallenberg was ‘liquidated’ in 1947,” she wrote in her essay.Serov as head of state security, revealed in a 1954 interrogation that the order to “liquidate” Mr.


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