Essay Proposing A Solution To A Problem

Each household would also adjust their thermostats – lower the temperatures of heating in the winter and raise the temperature of cooling in the summer.Another solution considered was to try to reduce usage of hot water by using less, washing clothes in cold water, taking showers rather than baths, and using short cycles on the dishwasher and washing machine.This part of the essay shall however concentrate on centralization of the sales and product offices.

This took a lot of time and patience as different members of the group were affected to varying degrees, but systematically one by one we worked through the options, considered the advantages and disadvantages of each, the risks involved with each (if any), what care we needed to take, problems that could occur, whether or not they would have the same impact on all households and how each person or family intuitively felt about each alternative solution, until we reached an agreement as to which solutions to implement.

The next step in the problem solving process was to determine who would do what and when in order to carry out the preferred options.

It......, 10% of the energy supply of Cuba will be covered by the sugar industries through its production of biomass (Park, 2010).

Installation of Energy Efficient Bulbs The attempt to control global warming and excessive energy consumption, many countries around the world have encouraged the employment of energy efficient light bulbs that cuts the amount of electricity needed for lighting.

Cuba should likewise take advantage of this opportunity.

It is not enough to look for solutions on how to produce sufficient and sustainable energy, but it is also imperative for Cuba to make of its energy effectively and ecologically.

The customer relations officer of the company has noted that there an increase in customer complaints about the effectiveness of the services of the help desk.

An investigation by an outsourced group of IT specialists revealed that the application of relational or database oriented spreadsheets by the help desk staff has some limitations.

The first component has to do with the centralization of the sales and product offices of the company to have a single information technology distribution point.

The second component had to do with the institutionalization of a customer relationship management plan that will focus on the use of new media.


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