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Essay Rubric Thesis Statement-14
Success of the introduction is based upon the following criteria: structure (context, text, and subtext); clarity ad and coherency; complexity of thesis; interest of introductory statements; adherence to the assignment topic.The introduction presents the three stages (context, text, and subtext) with complete development, effective transitions and clear language.It may be too long or too brief, given the complexity of its An average grade given to analysis and development is awarded when writers appear to be “going through the motions” of delineating points without attention to overall cohesion, cogency, and coherency.

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There may be inadequate use of outside sources for support, or substandard interpretation and synthesis of that support.

The analysis in such an essay may tend to the obvious, and as a consequence be less compelling, interesting, or sophisticated than an essay receiving “B” for its content.

Its topic and thesis statement may be less original, sophisticated, or complex than an “A” introduction.

A “C” introduction may propose a thesis statement, but it may forget to include one or more of the other stages of an introductory paragraph.

Its thesis may pose questions rather than assertions. Its rhetoric and vocabulary may be less effective as well, and it may be too brief or too long to seem appropriate for the essay that follows.

A poor introduction receiving this grade may neglect to use a pattern of introductory development, or its development may be incoherent.

The length of such an essay will be appropriate to the complexity of topic, even if that means a longer, more involved essay.

A “B” grade for the analysis and development will achieve the same goals as an “A” grade, but to a lesser extent, or with less success.

It may be disproportionate to the length of the essay.

It may be less effective in its rhetoric or language use, preferring clichés and informalities over original language in formal tone.


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