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Wikipedia is one of the sources that is used mostly for reference purposes.For your work to be decent, you need to cite the source.

Wikipedia is one of the sources that is used mostly for reference purposes.For your work to be decent, you need to cite the source.

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It is important to state where the electronic source of your work. The retrieval is the date the information was accessed.

For instance, our example will look like this Brian Miles. Here, the word “Retrieved” is listed followed by the date which takes the format” Month Date, Year.”For illustration, if the last time your information was accessed were on 12th of July in 2016, it would be written as” July 12, 2016.” and a comma just after the date. Retrieved July 12, 2016, It includes starting with “from” then indicating the full URL of the Wikipedia after the comma written at the end of the retrieval date.

Following our previous example, you would write like this Brian Miles. The citation example will finally read as follows Brian Miles.(n.d.). Retrieved July 12, 2016, from https: Brian_Miles How to cite Wikipedia using MLA description Using Modern Language Association style to cite Wikipedia entails the following steps: It is by writing the author’s name as usual in MLA style.

Since Wikipedia does not have authors, you would need to write the name of the article and put a full stop.

Note that you would have to write inside the quotation including the period.

For instance, if the article is on Robert Collins, the beginning of your citation would look like this“Robert Collins.”It is the more substantial source where you found the article.Some of the major Writing formats are APA (6th Edition), APA 7th Edition), AGLC, MLA, MHRA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, Oxford or OSCOLA, Open University and BMJ Vancouver.n-text citations start with writing the author first then the year of publishing General Format: Author (Year) or (Author, year) Example: Maya (1867) or (Maya,1867) Bibliography citations When citing books, the following format can be used: Author, Author’s initials, Year of Publishing, Name of the book, Edition of book, publication location, Publisher of the book. Journal’s full title, Volume number (Issue number), Page number rage Example: Le Pichon, X., 1968. Journal of Geophysical Research, 73(12), pp.3661-3697. During in text citations, for unknown pages; one should use n.p meaning that there is no page available.Intext citations should be like this; Author (Year: Page number) or (Author, year: Page number). A meta-analysis of sex differences in cyberbullying behavior: The moderating role of age. This writing format has many similarities with Harvard except for the indenting of every single line in every reference. Iit is always proper to reference every author during every instance that there is some referencing.Your entire paper should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins all around.Add one space after periods, not two, and use italics sparingly, only to emphasize an important point or to give the titles of long works.If the date is unavailable, use “n.d.” in parenthesis just after the title.Write this by italicizing the word “Wikipedia.” followed by a full stop.To learn other formats of writing a paper, please contact our authors and they shall help you out.I will be posting more regarding these formats soon.Your instructor's guidelines should be your primary source on how to write for your class, as some make minor changes to MLA style.Your paper doesn't need a cover or title page, but it does need a heading.


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