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How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?

If you addressed this prompt, a portion of the essay would be spent describing a “challenge, setback or failure” you have faced.

Some assessment tasks ask for diagrams, tables, maps, and/or visual images which are either placed together in an appendix or placed at appropriate points in the essay. Academic staff will check the declared word count on the cover sheet against the word limit specified for that assessment; where the word count exceeds the specified word limit, the appropriate penalty will be applied.

Where academic staff suspect that you have not declared the word count honestly, and that the piece of work is over the specified limit, staff will ask the Humanities Education Team to check the word count in order to determine the appropriate penalty to be administered.

For example, most essays should explain: The majority of the 650 words should be devoted to developing these ideas because this is what is most important to admissions officers.

As an example, let’s take a look at one of the prompts for the Common Application.

If you attempted to do so, you would likely be forced to leave out all kinds of information.

You wouldn’t have enough words to give a close, personal look at your own experiences and how they have shaped you.

An effective introduction for a college essay should be engaging, interesting, and brief.

An introduction that’s somewhat intriguing or mysterious can be very effective in a college essay, and this is best achieved with a short, powerful introduction.


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    Otherwise, you can write a 500 word essay and go overkill on massive quotes. So yeah, most likely it'll be 1000 words minus quotes and, like someone said, usually there's a "10% rule", you can go 10% over or under the word count, i.e. a 1000 word essay should be 900 - 1100 words, a 3000 word essay should be 2700 - 3300, and so on.…

  • Are direct quotes counted in my word limit?

    Sometimes direct quotes are counted and sometimes not. The general rule is that word count includes everything in the main body of the text - including headings, tables, citations, quotes, lists, etc. The list of references, appendices and footnotes are generally not included in the word count.…

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    Some assessment tasks ask for diagrams, tables, maps, and/or visual images which are either placed together in an appendix or placed at appropriate points in the essay. These are normally labelled, for instance as Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc. Such visual material should be clearly captioned; the captions do not count towards the overall word count.…

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    Word count is the total number of words in a document. You may be trying to increase the word count of your essay for a class or a paper for a school assignment. Or, perhaps you want to increase the word count of your novel or short story to meet a deadline. Bolstering word count can be done by adding new content or by expanding on existing.…

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    I'm 195 words over on my 1500 word Film Studies essay, and I have a few quotes in there- one is a 60 word quote and I was wondering if you actually count quotes in the word count, as I've seen a few websites saying that anything in speech marks doesn't…

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    Yes they do count as your overall word count. If you use a computer to type your documents then you should just go to the overall word count option and get it for the whole thing you just written. It may also depend on when and where you study they may have different rules on what the limit is on a certain article essay you are writing.…

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    And there it is You've come up short on your word count. Using the right tool to measure your word count can ensure you're reaching your word goal for each assignment. Whether it's a college application, a scholarship essay, or a report for class, word counts can be daunting sometimes.…

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    Word count, however, this is rarely added to the word count for the rest of the assessment. Headings and Sub-headings The word count includes all words within the body of the assessm ent task as stated above. Headings and sub-headings are included in the body of a text and are acceptable as part of a word count. Data, Tables and Graphs…

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