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So it’s no surprise that I spent my years as a college student here without ever once attending the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.In fact, I remember feeling slightly embarrassed each year at Rodeo time.

So it’s no surprise that I spent my years as a college student here without ever once attending the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.In fact, I remember feeling slightly embarrassed each year at Rodeo time.In a recent interview with magazine, Mc Guinn talked to Jeff Slate about the album and tour: “My wife and I were in an airport in Buenos Aires, waiting to get on a plane,” Mc Guinn says.

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Why, I wondered, in the 21st century, was the nation’s fourth largest city trying to make itself look like Cowtown, USA? To avoid paying $12 for Reliant Center parking, park downtown and take Metro Rail to Reliant Park. Each night’s concert follows the day’s rodeo events, so get to Reliant Stadium well beforehand if you want to see some bull riding. If you’re on a budget, go to the Rodeo on Value Wednesdays, when you can get a $10 ticket to see the rodeo and the musical act. If you want to go whole hog, consider buying season tickets, which start at $336 a seat and get you into all 20 nights of the Rodeo. Another question: was it fair for me to pass judgment on an event I’d never attended?

Parking is free downtown Monday through Saturday after 6 p.m. Of course it wasn’t, which is why, on a Sunday afternoon last February, I parked downtown, rode the light rail south to Reliant Park, joined the herd of visitors streaming into the Reliant Center, and—rodeoed.

When was first released, it really didn’t resonate with most music fans of the day, who looked upon the group as the “American Beatles” with their string of jingle-jangle top 40 hit singles.

But for those of us city folk who were enchanted with both the cowboy iconography and Nashville honky-tonk instrumentation, it was the game changer.

At last, the rodeoing began with the first event, tie-down roping. Its gates are equally open to lovers of llamas, funnel cakes, Demi Lovato—anybody, really, who’s in the mood for a month-long party to which the entire city is invited.

earthquake, malaria outbreak, tooth impaction, gall bladder attack, transit strike, fall, cut, bruise, forgetfulness, or worse, by the time you read this I’ll likely have had the pleasure of attending the Roger Mc Guinn and Chris Hillman reunion concert, backed by Marty Stuart and The Fabulous Superlatives.I’ve seen livestock, of course, but usually while driving past it at 70 miles per hour.I’ve ridden a horse too, in summer camp, an exercise that proved equally frustrating for both me and the horse.[A]t the Fulginiti Pavilion in Aurora: “Four Questions,” a joint project exploring lingering questions from the Holocaust, created by feminist icon Judy Chicago of “The Dinner Party” renown, along with her husband, the respected photographer Donald Woodman.Yes, I was born and raised in Texas, but I’ve always lived in big cities, seldom venturing into the hinterlands.The images show Martin glued to the small vessel's bow, staring out at an abstract universe of rippling reflections.Woodman is at the wheel, charting their course and snapping photos.Teenagers held their animals in headlocks while a judge walked around, microphone in hand, assessing them thusly: “Lots of volume to it,” “He’s got good top lines,” “Not as fine in the face as some of these others.” My own assessment: “Every one of these rams looks exactly alike and he isn’t judging so much as giving a free-form spoken word performance.” After an hour or two of this, it was time to transition over to Reliant Stadium and the Rodeo proper.First up: the chaplain led us in a prayer for the animals and contestants.The idea of painting by number was born in the 1950s, when one could buy a set of paints that came boxed with outlined drawings, indicating which color belonged where.According to the Smithsonian Institution, which featured an exhibition dedicated to this art form in 2002, by 1954, paint by number had become a cultural phenomenon, and one critic wrote that there were more numbered paintings hanging in American homes than original works of art.


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