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Children had a firm place in Soviet political propaganda from the start.

They were actively assisted by Allied forces in Russia, who hoped to rebuild the Eastern Front. Conclusion Many leaders and priests of Russian Orthodox Churches were imprisoned.

Censorship also became a lot more systematic and by 1922 pre-publication censorship was introduced officially on books, articles and poems by creating the Main Administration for Affairs of Literature and Publishing Houses; which had to approve anything written before it was published to the public.

Yet despite the centrality of the leader cult for children to the operation of the regime, and to the mentality of its growing citizens, it has received remarkably little attention in historiography.

Existing treatments are largely iconological in character — that is, they deal with the content of representations rather than with how these were used and what impact they made upon children.: the rituals employing ruler icons that they experienced, the artworks and letters that they dedicated to leaders; and second, the extent to which the ruler cult was able to inspire belief and trust in the leaders among children, both in their youth and when they came to maturity.


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