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was the first Mc Carthy novel to receive both popular and academic appreciation.The book’s language is sparse yet poetic and philosophically motivated, and the text is composed not of chapters but of discrete, punctuated paragraphs that mirror the movements of the father and son on their journey.

He uses “carrying the fire “which represents people who have a flame of humanity left alive in their hearts.

The metaphor explains the readers about how most of the people were dishearten in the journey of horrid remnants of humanity.

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Survival, hope, humanity, the power of the good and bad, the power of religion can be seen throughout the novel in different writing techniques.

He symbolizes the end of the civilization or what the world had turned out to be as “The Cannibals”.At one point, the man realizes that he is like an alien to the boy, “a being from a planet that no longer existed.” Throughout the novel, the man evokes the forms of his vanished world as he struggles to imbue his son with a sense of the lost civilization.Although the narrative often highlights the father’s agnostic crisis and the man exhibits the ego necessary for his own survival, he ruminates on the loss of the world and the humanity he once shared.As the father contemplates his complicity, moral and otherwise, in the devastation of the world, so do readers.The man tells the boy that he was appointed by God to care for him.Cormac Mc Carthy’s novel The Road is a gripping tale of survival in a post-nuclear holocaust world full of marauders and cannibals.A man and his son travel the United States in search of food and shelter, all the while hiding from (and...Unlike the father, however, the boy exhibits no ego but only the altruism required for the survival of a species.The boy practices hope in a hopeless world; he appears to know no other way. The man’s journey has ended, as readers have come to know that it must.employs the narrative shifts that emphasize the protagonist’s moral compass, as well as the metaphorical nature of the titular road.The father and son journey, but their quest to reach the coast reveals a spirituality that supersedes the tangible.


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