Evidence Based Practice Nursing Essay

The biggest challenge that nurse's face is the ability to determine if the evidence is reliable and critically analyzing the data.

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In second place on the hierarchy is randomised controlled trials, third; non-randomised controlled trials, fourth; non-experimental studies and fifth; descriptive studies/expert committees.

This hierarchy is more suited to quantitative research and is deemed inappropriate if outcomes are not measurable (Gerrish 2006).

There are several different barriers to implementing evidence into clinical practice; Gerrish (2006) suggests that these barriers can be set into four categories; the nature of the evidence, communication of the evidence, knowledge and skill of the nurse and organisational barriers.

Barriers with regard to the nature of the evidence may include research questions unsuitable to clinical practice.

There are many different types of evidence available to practitioners; Gray Muir (1997) as cited in Gerrish (2006) outlines a hierarchy of evidence and indicates which types are more superior.

Placed at the top of the hierarchy are systematic reviews and multiple randomised controlled trials (RCTs).Research can be described as a method of investigating a chosen area to illicit new information on the topic or to build on previous knowledge.In nursing research the aim of this research is to provide clients, their carers and their families with the best possible care in all aspects of their treatment to promote wellbeing (Burns and Grove 2001).The most fitting material in relation to the topic is chosen, this is then evaluated, the findings are then collaborated and summarised to answer the original question.This process should be performed in a clear manner so that it would be possible for others to carry out this research.In this technique, researchers used deductive reasoning to generate hunches that are tested in the real world. The author of this essay intends to explore and illustrate an understanding of the various types of evidence used within nursing practice.A systematic review is essentially a study done on prior research; this is then deemed as secondary research (Parahoo 2006).The aim of this type of review is to carry out an extensive and thorough search of material already available on this topic.The Cochrane Collaboration supply research material which is available to everyone.Their aim as an organisation is to provide health care workers, clients and their carers with information on the most current and reliable evidence used within health care settings.


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