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You can create such a plan on your own or ask for expert's help.Write down a complete description of what you want your business to be like.This is the most viewed part by investors due to its important.

Gold fish cichlid has carried out an extensive market research and identified a niche to occupy which is ornamental fish farming.

At Cichlid we cultivate and breed various types of hard to find exotic tropical fish species. Our clients place their orders from any part of the United States and we ship our live fish right to their door steps within a short time.

You can start fish farming on a small scale for fulfilling your daily family demands or for earning some extra cash with your regular income. Keep reading as we guide you through how to make a proper business plan for fish farming in Nigeria.

How to start fish farming One of the most widespread agribusinesses in Nigeria is fish farming and for considerable reasons.

Rainwater and tap water from a chemically treated source is not recommended for growing fish.

Provide regular water exchange to create a friendly environment. Knowledge You need to become attached to a fish farm for proper apprenticeship.You can install an aboveground tank, which will provide the convenience of supplying water to your ponds when necessary. For you to study this profession properly, you need at least two months to train on this.Visit other farms, surf the Internet to learn about the market, read about fish farming.This has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs, and in order to establish a thriving fish farming business, a good fish farming business plan is necessary.A vital section of this document is the fish farming business plan executive summary section, which summarizes the entire document.We are also the major suppliers of a wide variety of rare breeds of tropical fish to local retailers in the local market place.As mentioned earlier, convenience and variety are our strong points.Remember that your investments aren't unlimited, so you have to know exactly what you are doing.Since the fish business gains more and more popularity in Nigeria, every businessperson tries to improve his product to make more money and sometimes the methods are harmful to the fish and people who eat it.Set goals, consider all the issues you have to solve like how much you'll pay for renting land and how much you'll spend on building ponds and fish breeding, then compare this total to the amount you want to earn and think over how much fish you can breed and sell to achieve your goals.You need to hire an experienced pond construction engineer or you can also go to another fish farm to get specifications and design requirements.


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